Best Beaches in America for Travelling

florida is one of the best beaches in america

The best way to ease someone’s mind is to see the movement of the ocean, feel the breeze and natural fresh air, touch and feel the warmth of nature, embrace and let your mind be at ease for the moment you are around the ocean most especially beach, and there are many beaches all around the developed country you can visit or lets just say you are tired or going for a vacation, water is life and according to specialist around the world it was discovered that life can be much longer and to get much healthy and live longer going to the beach is the best option, in America the beaches there are one of the best the developed countries, here are some best beach in America best for vacation

Clear Water Beaches in Florida

There beach there has the loveliest white sand and you can do many interesting things in the beach like fishing, sky skiing, and watching dolphin cruises, there are much other fun and entertainment there are many artisans and musicians that perform live for besides the beach with many more interested parties with which you can make new friends and share views.

Florida Key Beaches

This beach has a lot of features also like hiking diving bars and seafood restaurants that you can visit, viewing the blue sky with a lovely weather cannot be compared with, there is a walkway ground in between the lovely pure sky-blue ocean, there is also a park there called Bahia Honda State Park with

List of Florida Key Beaches

  • Anne’s Beach

If you want a beach you that you can walk about, or you just want to stroll for a while the best place is Anne’s beach.

Location:  Mile Marker 73.4 Islamorada, Florida America

this is an image of the annes beach one of the best beaches in florida

  • Sombrero Beach

Location:  At mile marker at the light (public shopping center) use south and take the sombrero beach road for about 2 miles to the end of the road.

Things to do: They provide nice amenities and high-quality white sand beach.

  • Veteran Beach

Location: Big pine key Mile Marker 39.9, Florida America

Things to do: Even though the beach is small it has a park and its good for a picnic and taking pictures.

  • Higgs Beach

Location: White sand beach, Key West, Florida, America

Things to do: It has many restaurant and there is a club you can visit and outside camping.

higgs beach is one of the best beaches in america

  • Smithers Beach

Location: South Roosevelt boulevard, Florida, America

To reach Smithers beach, as you enter Key West, turn left, go south along the Roosevelt road.

Things to do: This beach is the best for parties and, there is a beautiful water spring that can me you feel relaxed if you are willing to have fun to the fullest visit Smithers beach.


Enjoy your vacation in the best beaches in America you can enjoy yourself to the fullest and explore the world to see many place, cultures of different people, life is to short live a free and healthy life because medicine is not the only thing that can cure, viewing nature and exploring the world can make life much longer.