Traveling in Chinese Towns in the USA‏

Visiting the united states without visiting Chinese towns is something that is incomplete as Chinese towns recently became a tourist attractor as it is like visiting a beautiful part of China but instead of going to China as it’s a simple cultural representation for China in the united states, the Chinese towns gives you an idea of China.

Here are many Chinese towns in the United States:

Washington DC

The smallest Chinese town in the United States, Washington’s Chinese towns are characterized by their big location for walking with a very calm atmosphere the, it’s Chinese population is characterized by its classic style, with some shops selling pastries and a large restaurant serving the best seafood ever.

this is an image of chinatown in the us washington dc


Its China town is characterized as most Chinese cities with that this neighborhood has a group of commercial centers Chinese food is not the only kind of food that can be found there. The Philippines, Indonesians, Japanese, Koreans and more settled in this area and brought food from their countries or origin with them.


Containing a Chinese town that is known for its Irish heritage seen in movies like good will hunting and the town movies, 70% of the Chinese population is a suitable place to stop and dine competitive prices and good taste.

this is an image of chinatown in boston us


The history of this neighborhood to the nineteenth century, the flow of immigrants from Asian nationalities such as Koreans, Vietnamese and Thai. The most important characteristics of this region are the friendship fate (Corridor) and it has many restaurants that offer Asian food (Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.).

Los Angeles

When the new railway company started operating in the center of the Pacific, they used Chinese workers who in turn moved to settle in this area now known as Chinatown.

One of the most prominent features is the statue of Bruce Lee and Sin Yet-Sen a beautiful wishing well, a dragon mural and the main plaza strung with red lanterns. There are restaurants with glass displays of roast duck and pigs, but some of the more popular eateries include an Italian place called “Little Joe’s” and a French deli called Philippe la Chinatown.


Honolulu’s Chinatown is among the best Chinatowns in America Chinese laborers from the area’s sugar plantations in the 19th century, the entire neighborhood has been burned down in a great fire which places at the year 1900, it has been rebuilt then, one of the best restaurants there is the famous Wo-Fat restaurant, known as the namesake for a character in Hawaii.

this is an image of chinatown in the us


Its china town has great views of the city being full of shops; tea shops, traditional medicine shops and massage parlors, serving cuisine from those cities, one of the most remarkable locations there is Hang Keep’s a great noodle spot making their noodles by hand.


If you are visiting chines town for the first time in the united stated make sure you are following all cultures norms and you are not doing anything against culture.